You AND Your Apartment Can Get Lit!

So I’m writing this from my bed, hungover AF and my computer light is literally blinding but I thought of something from last night and I have to share it.

My friends threw a surprise party for me last night at my apartment, and by the way my head is pounding right, now I got lit. 

Earlier this week, I put up the last few pieces of art to bring my living room together and to be honest with the art and decorations my place looks bigger!

You know how everyone usually crowds the kitchen at parties? This time they all crowded my living room! People couldn’t stop saying how awesome it looked with the new art pieces and they didn’t realize how spacious my living room was. Many of my friends came up to me telling me how much they respect what I’ve done with the place and trust me they showed that respect… here’s why:

So I have a few friends who are notoriously known for having one too many drinks and puking ANYWHERE. I’ve literally had one of my friends unload 11 shots of tequila in my washing machine…

I knew that it was one of those nights when the entire bottle of vodka from my freezer was one shot away from being empty. I’m not going to lie, I was worried. I considered throwing down some sheets on my couch and carpet to protect them but I didn’t have anything! I just had to trust my friends. I started to notice that once my friends started to get the spins they would move themselves into the hallway near the bathroom and when they had to go… they actually made it to the bathroom! My living room stayed clean! They even brought their empty cans of beer to throw in the recycling instead of just leaving them there which is usually the case. 

All this being said, I found that with a well-decorated area my friends showed me respect even near the black-out drunk phase. So don’t think “oh I can’t have any parties at my place anymore cause I spent so much money decorating” You can still have fun!!! Trust me once your friends see that hard work, time, and consideration was gone into something they will respect it as much as you do. 

I need to get myself out of bed and drink a gallon of water now. I hope you all have a fun Halloween!!!



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