Story Time: We Would've Done More Than Netflixed If You Had Your Bathroom Straight.

Jake Karls


There's nothing like meeting someone, going to their place, and finding out they don’t wash their hands. 

While I was in college, I met a guy in one of my classes that I really got to know and started to like. After about 3-4 weeks of getting to know him, he finally invited me over. I was over the moon excited! I spent the entire morning getting ready; bought new soap, shaved EVERYWHERE, exfoliated, shampooed twice, and exfoliated again. I was prepared. 

I got to his place and everything was going fine until I walked into his bathroom. You know the Spongebob episode where they show a dirty bathroom?That’s what it felt like! There was a pile of soaked towels in the corner and judging from the smell, they’ve been there for some time. I tried not to let it bug me but then…wait…where’s the toilet paper?! Thank god I checked before I actually went. I awkwardly went out and asked for it and he handed me a wad a paper towel…WTF?! I tried to be cool and think of why he doesn’t have toilet paper…I mean it’s expensive right??? Ok did my business and… there’s no soap to wash my hands… Ok fine but does HE wash his hands?! I’m about to “Netflix and Chill” with a guy who doesn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom??? And there was nothing to dry them with! I quickly patted them on my jeans not realizing I was making myself look like I peed my pants. I walked out and he started laughing at me right away. I mean if you had basic shit in your bathroom I WOULDN’T BE HAVING THIS PROBLEM. 

Long story short, we only watched Netflix and I went home after. 

Guys: I don’t want to come off as someone who is snobby but you can really tell a lot by someones bathroom. It’s fine if you keep it that way when you’re alone but when you have company over just add in little basic necessities like soap, hand towels, room spray, and a toilet paper holder that will make a HUGE difference! And once you have all these little things I'm sure you'd start to love it too 😊 

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