Should Your Room Match Your Lifestyle?

Are you in your prime 20’s? Partying, doing what you want, and having just the tip of the iceberg of responsibilities? (it gets worse lol). Why not! Live your life the way you want to, you’re young! So, should your room reflect on what you do outside of it?


In my personal experience, whenever I met a guy who loved to party, their room usually reflected it. To be honest-I hated it. After a wild night of binge drinking and dancing, all I want to do is come home to something nice and calm. Somewhere I can relax and wake up the next morning without looking at something that gives me more of a headache. I mean I wasn’t going to go into detail… but this partier guy’s room was just filled with posters and loud colours which is not the best when your hangover starts to kick in. It just made me feel like I was still at the bar! 

If you’re a partier (which is totally fine by me) maybe coming home to something a little more chill would be nice.


-Get some dim lamps so you can have those instead of the blinding ceiling light! (Key for a hangover)

-Some dark comforters will deepen the room (Dark colours are known the relax the mind)

-Lightly scented candles are perfect even if those dim lamps are still too harsh

-Canvas Art of nice sceneries will take your mind out of that bumping club into somewhere more peaceful. Here


You can still add the “party” vibes by having some sick speakers or some drinking games you can store away the day after! Your room doesn’t have to be COMPLETELY opposite of what you do outside of school, however, having some variations will give off the vibes that your a well rounded man :)

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