How to Make the Most of a Small Space

Jake Karls

Nowadays, apartments are getting smaller while the costs are getting higher. IKEA has definitely predicted our futures as their new 2018 catalogue is a distressing reality of the micro apartments that are taking over the cities. Learning how to maximize your small space is an essential way to creating a more liveable environment.

First things first, your paint choice will set the tone of the environment you’re trying to create. Choosing light colours will help brighten up your space and give an illusion of a larger area. Stick to white, light grey, or even light blues or greens. A good tip that Freshome had is to paint any wall mouldings or trims a lighter colour than the wall. If you’re painting your walls a light colour it would be best to paint the ceiling white to help brighten up the space and create the illusion that the ceiling is taller than it actually is. Another optical illusion is picking a long carpet instead of round to elongate the room and to also add that pop of colour to draw the eye in.

Now for the fun part; filling the room! I think the best piece of advice here is to pick multipurpose items in order to maximize your space and bright accent pieces such as artwork to give it colour. For example, footstools with storage inside would be best or coffee tables with storage space underneath.

Desks usually are bulky and can take up ridiculous amounts of unnecessary space. The solution to this problem is a hanging wall desk. Hanging wall desks are a great piece that will not take up any floor space and provide lots of shelving options for storage. These can be found at any IKEA, Best Buy, Walmart, Target or online at Wayfair. They all range in price and quality so keep that in mind.

If you’re living in a one bedroom or even a one room apartment, having space for your friends or family to crash is always a concern. So when choosing a bed and a couch choose wisely…

When it comes to couches the simplest and the most affordable is the futon; couch by day, bed by night. It’s the most convenient piece to own for a small space. However, if you’re opting in for an actual cozy couch, pick one that either has the sleeper (L-shaped couch) or pulls out to form a huge bed for all your friends to crash on. For more tips on finding the perfect couch click here for our other articles.

Next up, your bed. I think sacrificing the size of your bed for more space is blasphemy. You should never consider a twin or day bed because a good night’s rest is always more important. Having a double bed or larger has its perks. It creates ample amount of storage underneath. There are some beds that come with a pull out additional bed underneath. Depending on the space you have to work with these can be great options. IKEA sells drawers, in various colours, that you can install underneath your bed that roll out. These easy access drawers are perfect for your shoes, bulky clothes, or other storage items.

To get some more sweet pillow talk check out our other article on choosing the right pillows.

Although some people would disagree with this, I think it’s best to look for furniture that is tall as opposed to wide or bulky. Purchasing tall dressers or high bookcases is another pro-tip to saving space and creating storage opportunities.

 It’s all about putting your organizational skills to the test, getting creative, and using what you have made available to you. Department stores are the best places to find chick bins and baskets to de-clutter your space. For more info on men’s décor and living check out our awesome articles that highlight some great features for your bachelor pad.

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