How To Dress Down A Suit

Jake Karls

Closer to the beginning of summer I went to The Porch in  Toronto to enjoy the weather on their rooftop patio. My girlfriends and I were not prepared to walk straight into a sea of suits. You’d think we’d be completely gawking at all these men in suits but all I could think about was how sweaty they must be under all those layers. Now some of the guys got it right and nailed dressing down their suits to look and feel cool on a 27 degree Celsius evening. It’s a hard task to dress down a suit and make it socially acceptable for the bar or a casual occasion. Below are a couple easy tips to turn you from business accountant by day to a stylish suave stud by night.

Ditch and Dash

First things first, say goodbye to the tie. It’s the first step to feeling more comfortable and relaxed. Unbutton the first few buttons and let loose a little.


The easiest way to dress down a suit is all in the shirt. Swap out the stiff dress shirt for something a little more breathable. Plain white tees are an essential part of this process and the most inexpensive piece of clothing every guy should own. White shirts are comfortable and can easily be paired with any style and colour blazer or dress pants. If you are looking for something a little bolder, prints and patterns are the way to go. Most department stores and men’s clothing stores sell all kinds of fun t-shirts with different necklines and fun designs for your personality type. Floral patterned shirts were this summer’s biggest trend. Check out this GQ article for more tips or here for more summer trends.

Band collar shirts are this summer’s latest trend in men’s fashion. They are extremely stylish and gives you a different option than your basic tees. To shop banded collar shirts, visit Nordstrom—they have a great selection.

Since summer is almost over here are two options for when the weather starts to cool down. Leather jackets make everyone into an instant mysterious badass. Pair your printed top or white tee with a sleek leather jacket for that audacious, bad guy edge. The second option is crew neck sweatshirts. They can easily be worn over a collared dress shirt if you are in a rush.


Most of the time your dress pants will do fine but since it’s still summer and the weather is hot changing into a pair of shorts will be more ideal. Navy blue or black casual shorts and khakis are the simplest way to dress down after work and beat the heat. Paired with a nice brown or black leather belt can immediately take you from office job to sipping drinks on a classy rooftop patio.


Swap out your dress shoes for something more comfortable. Whether that be white or black sneakers to leather boat shoes these picks definitely help make your outfit more appropriate for after work festivities.


If you’re going to any type of social gathering after work the best accessory is a watch, hands down. Other than sporting a fancy watch, men’s leather or material bracelets have been making a huge appearance this year. Fossil has a really nice selection of bracelets. Click here to shop their online selection.

Whether it is a date, grabbing drinks with colleagues or an after work social event you do not need to bring your entire wardrobe with you. Keep it simple and have fun with your outfit choices. For keeping up with the latest and greatest trends check out GQ website.

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