At Home Dates For if You Want to Stay In

Jake Karls

Unfortunately, not all of us are rich and can afford going out on fancy dates all the time. Sometimes, it is nice to just spend a quiet evening indoors enjoying each other’s company. If you are on a budget, here are some great at-home date night ideas you can plan with your partner.

The Go-To at Home Date Night
Romantic dinners are the simplest go-to for any at home date night. Buy some nice roses, throw on some soothing music and most importantly light some candles, which Chase and Hunter have for you. From making up after a fight (Candle: “Round 13”), romantic dinner dates (Candle: “Oysters and Sauvignon”), and putting the sparks into that night (Candle: “Bedtime Stories”) we have a candle to help set the scene for your evening. Check out this site for more info on all our candles, and to order head over to Chase and Hunter.

Cook Together
Cooking together is always a sexy way to spend time with your partner. My favourite is making homemade pizza, you can personalize it any way you want….that means no pineapple for me. I’m not the greatest cook so simple dinner ideas would be my go-to. For the more experienced chefs, making homemade sushi rolls has become the latest trend. There are all types of recipes online that you can find for more ideas; you could even recreate The Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene.


Your Typical Netflix and Chill Night
Marathon your favourite movies or television series. Whether it’s Harry Potter or Game of Thrones it’ll make for a nice, quiet evening in enjoying each other’s company. The best part about movie nights are the snacks! You cannot have a movie night without popcorn or chocolate…or ice cream or chocolate covered strawberries. Clearly the possibilities are endless here.

Camp Out 
Have a campout in your backyard complete with a tent and campfire. If you do not live in a house with a backyard, or, let’s say it rains, no problem, campout in your living room with lots of pillows. You can set up a movie on your laptop or if you want to get more creative you can set up a white sheet and project a movie onto it. Voila! You have your own private outdoor movie. The perfect way to end the night is roasting marshmallows for a sweet snack. What happens after that tent gets zipped up is all up to you.

Beer/Wine Tasting

If you and your partner are wine or beer connoisseurs than this would be a great idea for you. A perfect pairing of cheese or small finger foods to go along with your alcoholic choices will make sure you are left with good memories instead of a nasty hangover. The rest of the night is up to you and your imaginations.

Board Game Night

Having a board game night at home is perfect for the competitive couple. You can even up the stakes with your own personal bets and wagers to make things more interesting. Games of Would You Rather, trivia, or even strip poker can make for some memorable nights.

Staying in has its perks; it can be an intimate time for couples to connect and spend some quality time together without breaking the bank. Try some of these simplistic ideas if you or your partner would rather stay in for your next date night.

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