Are Exams Near? Or Just Flat out Need To Get Your Life Organized?


Whether you live in a 2 bedroom condo or a single desk dorm room, you need a space to study. And, sorry, but your bed shouldn’t double as a desk. Actual studies have shown that if you study on your bed you won’t be able to sleep… or get any actual studying done!

Not only is having a separate space good for studying but its also good for just keeping organized in general! Having a general space where you can put important papers will make them easier to find when you’re looking for them! If you study on your bed who knows where your homework or midterm papers are?! In between the sheets…Under the bed… in between the wall! The possibilities are endless! Not to mention looking for these papers like a lunatic before an 8:30am class makes you feel like your world is just a mess. 

Here are some tips to avoid that mess..


-If your place is small, use your dining/kitchen or even coffee table as a study space. This will still separate your work space and your relaxation space to ensure good focus.

-Use good lighting. If your place is too dark then get some extra lamps to brighten up that space and get focused. I mean the dim lighting meant for something else if ya know what I mean. 

-Get some good study supplies. Weather its highlighters, a better computer, or a mood lamp WHATEVER IT IS to encourage you to study or write your papers do it!!!!

-Make sure you have a good chair to sit up straight in. If you’re slouching over chances are you will fall asleep or be in solid pain.


With these little tips, as well as SHUTTING OFF YOUR PHONE…… you’re sure to get that C- to an A+… or at least a B! Good luck in all your exams I hope you all get the grades you want :) 

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