After All, It Is Your Home Away From Home

I don’t understand why people don’t decorate their dorm rooms!

So much time is spent there why not make it feel at least a little more cozy and home-like! Not to mention most of them look like jail cells when they’re not decorated… When I was in university, I would walk into dorms that looked like they just moved in that day. Boxes are still there, and no organization what so ever!

I know it’s hard at first to get over the home sickness at first, but why not make it easier? Even asking your mom, dad, or sibling to help decorate it will make it feel that much more special cause you’ll always have a bit of home with you. It really doesn’t have to be anything fancy! Here are some items that can make your dorm a game changer!

-Small floor carpets. This can open up your space- and if you put it next to your bed it would be nicer to wake up to in the morning

-Nice bed spread

-Wall Art-Please put some thought into this you can keep this piece for the rest of your life!

-Personalized lamp. It can be a lava lamp, Himalayan salt lamp, or mood lamp! Just make sure its ok with your dorm-mate

-Storage- OMG use it to throw junk in for all I care just don’t leave your mess all over your room! It’s not nice for your dorm-mate to live in it either even if its on your side

Your dorm room is your home away from home. It’s even your first stepping-stone to finally calling your own shots on how things should look- take advantage of it and most of all learn from your mistakes! If you decorate it in a way you end up hate or the set up is just not working for you, take note of it and now you’ll know not to do it for your next apartment! So get to decorating if you haven’t already!

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