10 Things a Man Should Buy Before He Moves Out

I’m not here to tell you a list of basic things you can’t forget, I’m here to tell you a list of things that you would not even THINK of buying. Still live at your parents? There’s nothing wrong with that! But take a look around and what do you see? My guess is that there is beautiful paintings on the wall that have been up there since the day you remember, decorative pillows, and maybe some decorative towels you were never allowed to use…was this on your list of things to buy before you move out? Didn’t think so. 


When I moved out with my (now) ex-boyfriend when I was 19, I felt like I was the one who brought all of the decorations which made me feel like it was MY apartment and not OURS. You should be able to feel that there is a good balance between boyfriend and girlfriend when it comes to how the decor looks around your home. Trust me guys, please do not leave the decorating part all up to the women. Although some of us might take a liking in decorating rooms, your say is extremely important in how things look as well. I mean, hey, you’re going to live there too right? Do you really want to look at some dumb, boring painting every time you walk into a room?


Even if you’re single this applies to you! You think girls (or guys) are going to be impressed with a poster you’ve had since you were 15, or, an entire room that's come together perfectly? ..yeah that's what I thought… So here it is! 10 things you should buy before you move out:


1: ART!!!

You’re walls are white and there's nothing on them? Sorry, didn’t know I was walking into a hospital…

2: Lamps

Most apartments don’t have much light sources, and on the contrary, most light sources are too harsh when you just want to chill and play video games. At least some lamps will give the option to have a dim light while watching a movie.

3: Decorative accents (pillows, and floor carpets)

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy! But it really ties a room together


4: Blanket Throws

Personally for me, or for any girl I believe, there's nothing better than having a cozy blanket in your reach while watching a movie


5: Matching set of dishes

Don’t forget the wine glasses!


6: Pictures of friends and family in frames

This will make it feel more like home. Trust me, the first couple of months, its weird living on your own, but with these pics in some nice frames around your place, it’ll make you feel like you’re home in no time.


7: Towel Set

You’ll really feel a difference once you get out of the shower and reach for a fluffy towel instead of one that’s paper thin with holes… 

8: Small decor items

This can be anything from a ‘manly’ scented candle to  a little sculpture or seashell you got on a trip!


9: Small bookshelves

Even if you don’t read, this is super handy to have just to put pictures, organize pens, pencils and other office supplies you might need eventually! It really gives the illusion of a tidy apartment 



I mean do I even need to explain? You’re 20-something and STILL don’t have this?! And ALWAYS have an extra set… you never know…

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